New Womens Ladies Feather Tree Print Winter Cashmere Stole Silk Pashmina Reversible Shawl Hijab Wraps Long Scarves

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Gypsia Studio
Handicraft Industry

New Womens Feather Tree Print Winter Cashmere Stole Silk Pashmina Shawl Scarf

  • Product Type : Reversible Pashmina Feather Paisley Tree Design Mix Shawl
  • Brand :Gypsia Studio
  • Size : 28 X 80 Inches
  • Style : Shawl/Wrap/Stole
  • Color : Multi-Color
  • Theme : Traditional designs
  • Material : Mix Silk Wool
  • Type : Shawls Wrap
  • Country Of Manufacture : India
  • Special : styled over the shoulder with any type of Dress, Gown, Blouse, Sweater, Cardigan,Jacket, Blazer, Purse or Shirt for a charming modern look. Keeps your chest and neck warm in the colder weather with it�s cashmere feel. Oversized and fits perfectly over any outfit. Popular for both adults, women, and teen girls. Multi-purpose accessories!

About Gypsia Studio:Handmade – For the very reason that each item has been handmade there is always an element of human error, whether it be a missed stitch or overlapping block print design. Yet for us the beauty is in the imperfection. These are the signs that mean your cushion or quilt hasn’t been made by a machine. However, we think you are more likely to be amazed by how perfect a handmade product can be.
Fairtrade –Trading fairly at a fair price. Encouraging the growth and development of small craft producers on honest term.Size: 28 X 80 Inches
Material: Viscose Mix Silk Wool
Styled Over The Shoulder With Any Type Of Dress, Gown, Blouse, Sweater, Cardigan, Jacket, Blazer, Purse Or Shirt For A Charming Modern Look. Keeps Your Chest And Neck Warm In The Colder Weather With It�S Cashmere Feel. Oversized And Fits Perfectly Over Any Outfit. Popular For Both Adults, Women, And Teen Girls. Multi-Purpose Accessories!
Feather Paisley Tree Printed Cashmere Stole Silk Pashmina Shawl Reversible Lighter One Side And Darker The Other Winter Warm Shawl Wrap. Dry Clean Only
Makes A Great Gift Black Friday, Cyber Monday Or Stocking Stuffer For Christmas, Halloween, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday Or Other Special Occasions. Buy One Or More Of These For A High Class Look And Add To Cart For 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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